sling chair

The Sling Chair brings a fresh look to a traditional construction method. Using mortise and tenon joinery, this chair is built from naturally fallen trees, thus keeping it eco friendly. Many trees fall due to weather and disease, some need to be removed due to power lines or infrastructure development. Instead of turning the wood into mulch, local woods can be claimed for reuse. This chair was made from a beautiful black walnut tree that was hit by lighting. The finish has a hand rubbed quality that contains no VOCs*, keeping it safe for you and your family. It also allows for you to easily see the natural wood grain with little or no maintenance.

The seat is shown in hand knit wool or leather, other colors or material options available.

Choice of materials can be specified with all attempts use salvaged wood. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, pricing, timing and delivery options.

*VOC or Volatile Organic Compound - Any organic compound which evaporates readily to the atmosphere. Many VOCs are human made chemicals used and produced in the manufacture of paints and finishes, contributing to poor indoor air quality and health problems.










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